Empowering the architects of tomorrow with the freedom of open source generative AI

Revolutionizing the AI landscape with open access to blockchain-validated and incentivized generative AI models, fostering adoption, innovation, creativity, and community-driven growth.

Empowering Blockchain with AI: Proof of Useful Work

Proof of Useful Work (POUW) is a paradigm shift in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, designed to address the sustainability concerns of traditional Proof of Work (PoW) systems. Where PoW requires miners to use high amounts of computational power to mine blocks, often criticized for its intensive energy use without direct productive output, POUW redirects this computational capacity towards meaningful AI tasks. In the AIPG ecosystem, POUW incentivizes node operators to provide inference on localized large language models (LLM) and host AI art model generation via technology like Stable Diffusion. This convergence of blockchain and AI tasks not only validates transactions but also produces valuable AI services, thereby utilizing the energy consumed in a manner that contributes constructively to the community and the broader field of AI.

Empowering Meaningful Contributions

We will leverage PoUW to go beyond the usual 'mining' activities associated with cryptocurrencies. Instead of consuming colossal amounts of energy for arbitrary calculations, the AIPG network utilizes a validation mechanism that supports and rewards constructive computational tasks.

Creating an Inclusive AI Ecosystem

AIPG not only positions itself as an innovator in blockchain technology but also as a contributor to the global AI landscape. By democratizing access to computational resources, we enable a vast community of researchers, developers, and enthusiasts to partake in and contribute towards cutting-edge AI development, regardless of their individual computational capacity.

Access to AI for everyone

AI Power Grid (AIPG) envisions a future where access to cutting-edge AI is free and open to all. Our platform leverages a Proof-of-Useful-Work (POUW) protocol to align blockchain security with valuable AI processes. By participating in the network, users contribute to computational tasks that advance AI technology, and in turn, they are incentivized with AIPG tokens. This model encourages a collaborative and energy-efficient approach to AI advancement.

The Team



Half leverages over 20 years of experience in DevOps and IT infrastructure, and with a love for open source AI tech, he gives visionary leadership for strategic advancement.


Operations and Communications Manager

Raz is a seasoned professional with vast expertise in operations, public relations, and community engagement, supported by a Master of Engineering Degree.


Network/Server Infrastructure & Datacenter Architect

Mandark is a highly skilled expert in network engineering and datacenter management, playing a pivotal role in the architecture, security, and implementation of our AI systems.


AI Art/Stable Diffusion Engineer

Professor is an expert in AI-generated art. He guides the development of the AI Art Gallery and idealizes creative strategies through model training, fine-tuning, and his unmatched expertise.


Backend Systems and Blockchain Infrastructure Wizard

Infinity, our lead blockchain engineer based in Germany, elevates our backend architecture and blockchain functionality with exceptional expertise.


AI Developer & Full Stack Engineer

With over 20 years of full-stack engineering expertise, and a love for open-source AI tech, Winddude brings a comprehensive understanding of technology to guide our development.


AI Researcher

JoJo, with over 4 years of experience in machine learning and language models, aims to bridge AIPG with the open-source LLM Dev communities and assist in developing the future of open source AI.

Seal Clubber

Release Manager

With a wealth of expertise in blockchain technology, Seal Clubber leverages his extensive coding experience to drive innovation and excellence within the project.


AI Tech Scout & Python Developer

MrSchmiklz is an expert in identifying and evaluating emerging AI technologies for potential integration into our AI network, with extensive experience in Python and Discord bot development.


Blockchain Development Expert & Ph.D.

With an impressive 22 years in software engineering, Topper stands out in backend systems and blockchain development. His unmatched skills spearhead our progress, making him an invaluable pillar of our project.


Discord Moderator

As a U.S. Army Veteran and experienced Discord Admin for RavenMiner, his unique blend of experience in security and moderation assures a harmonious and secure community for our users.


Discord Moderator

OvErLoDe, an IT instructor with a specialism in Microelectronics, OvErLoDe brings a potent blend of knowledge and passion to bear. He is dedicated to fostering a supportive community through his tech-savvy approach.

Our Vision

Open Source AI Models

Central to AIPG's approach is the utilization of open source Large Language Models (LLMs) and Stable Diffusion models, providing a robust foundation for AI-powered applications in text generation and image creation. This ensures a collaborative and transparent environment where improvements and innovations can be shared and leveraged community-wide.

Democratized AI

AIPG is committed to democratizing access to AI technologies. By providing tools and resources openly, the platform empowers developers, artists, and individuals from diverse backgrounds to engage with AI without the need for extensive resources or proprietary knowledge.

Earn with AI Power Grid

AIPG coin is a cornerstone of the ecosystem, serving as the primary medium of exchange, incentivization, and governance. It aligns the various stakeholders within the AIPG ecosystem by enabling participation, rewarding contributions, and guiding the evolution of the platform.

Elevating NFT's with AI

While the initial hype around non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may have waned from its peak, the underlying technology remains a potent tool for certifying and monetizing digital assets. In the realm of Artificial Intelligence, particularly, NFTs continue to offer a perfect use case that can rejuvenate their relevance and utility.


Current - Developing a PoUW model

In the current phase following the launch of AIPG, our focus is on laying the groundwork for robust AI services within the blockchain environment. This foundational period is dedicated to solidifying the Proof of Useful Work (POUW) infrastructure, fostering the transition of GPU miners into AI node operators, and ensuring the stability and security of the network with the integration of validator nodes.


Q1 2024 - Scaling Up and Enhancing Experiences

Building upon the stable PoW foundation, AIPG begins expanding its features to include the much-anticipated NFT AI Art Gallery and marketplace. At the same time, the platform evolves with significant UX improvements and resilient smart contracts, preparing for the gradual transition away from PoW towards a more sustainable consensus mechanism.

Q1 2024

Q3 2024 - Transition to Proof of Useful Work (PoUW)

In this crucial phase, AIPG takes a significant leap forward by transitioning from the original PoW to a novel Proof of Useful Work (PoUW) protocol. This shift is not only eco-friendlier but also aligns with AIPG's mission of democratizing AI, as the work performed by miners now directly contributes to the AI services provided by the platform, creating value for the entire network.

Q3 2024

Q4 2024 - Adding trusted nodes and API functionality

Users or developers who demand reliability, consistent uptime, and professional-grade API access, AIPG offers a paid tier. This premium offering guarantees service levels through contracts with secured and trusted nodes, catering to enterprise users and applications where high availability and predictable performance are required.

Q4 2024

Q2 2025 - Interchain AI Service Protocol Layer

The development of an interchain protocol to facilitate cross-blockchain AI services, positioning AIPG as a leader in blockchain interoperability in the AI space. This move will fully solidify AIPG's position as one of the leading AI coins in the marketplace.

Q2 2025